We train at the Recreational Sports Facility on the University of California, Berkeley Campus, located at 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720.

All are welcome – no previous experience necessary! Stop by any time for a free lesson and/or to learn more about the club. You can train with the club for free for up to two weeksno fees or registration required. If you have a gi (karate uniform), wear it; if not, gym clothes are fine!

Our Summer Semester training will begin on May 29, 2024 – hope to see you at the RSF!

Mon7:45 – 9pm PTCombatives Room (RSF 135)
Wed6:30 – 8pm PTCombatives Room (RSF 135)
Fri5:00 – 7pm PTMartial Arts Room (RSF 145)

Please note: on holidays, and/or when Cal is not in session, we typically cancel class.
If you are unsure and want to confirm a specific date, check GroupMe, and or message folks there to confirm

If you have any questions about where/when/how to find us, email